Private practice

Dr. Mintrone private practice deals with dental care in a professional and expert manner, focussing, in particular, on aesthetics and on the minimum-invasive techniques of prosthetic rehabilitation.

The key strength of the practice is the experience gained in the field of implantology that, thanks to the use of image diagnostic tools and dedicated software, is able to achieve functional and aesthetic results in a way that is totally non-traumatic to the patient.

The experience gained over the years together with the constant training of the team of assistants, allows Dr Mintrone’s practice to guarantee the highest quality standards of dental care.

The partnership with internationally renowned technicians results in top quality prosthetic rehabilitations, both in terms of the aesthetic finishing of anterior teeth and for complex full mouth rehabilitation.
All patients of Dr. Mintrone are followed throughout their treatment via periodic and regular check-ups and controls, this approach guarantees long-lasting results and the constant monitoring of dental health.